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Recovery is about so much more than just sobriety, it is about striving to better yourself each and every day!
Chandler A. Thomas is a licensed Substance Abuse Disorder Counselor. She has completed an Associate's degree and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Psychology on her way towards a Masters of Social Work.

In addition to her current pursuits she’s also spent over a year working in a residential recovery center, teaching and helping those with a desire to overcome their personal demons and to beat the addictions which have beset them.

She is a happy mother and is very passionate about helping people on the road to recovery. Chandler realizes the power of addiction and recognizes the significance of leading a sober life. A few things that are important to Chandler: Always doing your best-even when your best isn't that great, accepting yourself with kindness, moving forward in life, looking towards a future of hope, love, and laughter as well as sober tears and heartbreak, learning from the past, and creating a life that is worth living, that you are proud of and want to celebrate with gratitude each and everyday. I could be dead today many times over instead Of being stuck in that reality I chose to embrace recovery and the life I have been given to build because of my recovery.


Stepping Stones aspires to offer individual services as they provide attention to the individual. With your help, we can offer: one-on-one, advocacy, connecting with resources, and in-home assistance.


Stepping Stones aspires to offer group therapy as it is one of the most successful elements of long-term recovery. With your help, we can offer: women's groups, men's groups, aftercare groups, parenting groups, life-skills groups, and peer-to-peer services.


Graduates of Drug Court and current participants organize regular social and family events, retreats, and activities which help people in recovery connect and have fun sober.