Utah’s Drug Court

An article in the Utah Bar Journal highlights the Drug Court program from conception to present successes.

How It All Began

“One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that people never really truly recover from having a substance abuse problem and being in the criminal justice system.”
–Ali Shelley, 2009 Drug Court graduate

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Stepping Stones aspires to offer individual services as they provide attention to the individual. With your help, we can offer: one-on-one, advocacy, connecting with resources, and in-home assistance.


Stepping Stones aspires to offer group therapy as it is one of the most successful elements of long-term recovery. With your help, we can offer: women's groups, men's groups, aftercare groups, parenting groups, life-skills groups, and peer-to-peer services.


Graduates of Drug Court and current participants organize regular social and family events, retreats, and activities which help people in recovery connect and have fun sober.
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